Scuba diving suitability

Scuba diving suitability

As divers we find ourselves in a foreign environment. With good training, we learn how to behave underwater and how to control the existing risks.

In order to minimise the risks of diving, you first need to be examined to see if you are medically fit to be underwater. The Diver suitability test serves to determine this. This can be certified by any doctor. It is, however, advisable to choose a physician who is also a diver or better still who has an additional qualification in diving medicine. They are familiar with the specific risks of diving and will be able to advise you more precisely.

To safeguard the diver, regular follow-ups should be carried out: According to the guidelines laid down by the Association for Diver and Hyperbaric Medicine (GTUM) diver suitability checks are recommended every 2-3 years, and annually after the age of 40 yrs.

Diver suitability checks for scuba divers:

This examination takes on average 1/2 hour and is divided into the following sections:

  • admission procedure
  • Clarification of previous medical history
  • Physical examination: i.e. an ECG is carried out and lung capacity measured

A healthy person, without any previous medical history, would normally be recommended for diving suitability only if the doctor has no objections.



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