The therapeutic process

The therapeutic process

Before starting the treatment, our medical staff carry out a preliminary consultation to clarify the diagnosis, a focussed physical examination and further diagnostic tests (i.e. ECG, Ergometry, pulmonary function test, ear examination) to check the pressure chamber suitability.

If you have medical test results which have previously been carried out, please bring them with you to the consultation. 

With a specially worked out qualitative standard for hyperbaric medicine as well as a thorough examination, preparation and consultation by our doctors, the risks of HBO therapy are very minor and complications extremely rare.

The therapy

The therapy is carried out on an out-patient basis. It should take place 5-6 days a week and takes about 2 ½ hours.

Depending on the underlying medical condition 10 to 20 therapy sessions and possibly more should be carried out. 


The first effects of the HBO treatment is usually noticeable between the 5 - 10 therapy sessions.

After completion of the HBO therapy there is an after-effect phase lasting 4 to 6 weeks in which further improvements can occur.

The earlier the therapy begins, the higher the chance of recovery. 

Detailed information on the individual medical conditions and how they can be treated with HBO can be found by on our website or by calling our hotline. You are also welcome to make an appointment for a personal consultation with our doctors. 




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